Goodmorning is an international employment agency that started its business activity in 2001 by staffing primarily Polish employees for Dutch horticultural companies.
Over time, the enormous commitment, experience and trust placed in us translated into an increased demand for valued employees from Goodmorning. Consequently, we started recruiting employees from Central and Eastern Europe.

At present, we are one of the largest employers recruiting and seconding employees in the Netherlands in such sectors as greenhouse horticulture, food industry, logistics and technical industry. More than 2,000 employees from Poland, Romania, Ukraine and the Netherlands work for our clients. Our employees are recruited, assigned and supervised by our permanent 50-member team from the main office in Etten-Leur as well as offices in Poland, Romania and Ukraine.

Our success is built upon our organisation, motivated and flexible employees, enormous commitment and many years of experience. GOODMORNING has a legacy of continuity and certainty. For over a decade we have been a member of ABU, a Dutch association of employment agencies that acts as a guardian of safety and regulates the rights and obligations pertaining to temporary workers.

When taking up employment, our employees receive a package of additional benefits provided by us to give them a sense of security and a guarantee of reliable services. These include comfortable accommodation in a modern hotel complex – Stella Maris – in Welberg and in a residential complex in Zwijndrecht. Freedom of movement of our employees is another major priority. Thus, we provide them with a fleet of new, comfortable and safe company cars equipped with navigation to make travelling between the place of residence and the place of work easier. We also provide free bicycles.

Every individual employed by Goodmorning has constant access to assistance rendered by a coordinator whose task is to eliminate a language barrier and help solve everyday matters efficiently.

Goodmorning is a very modern and innovative company. By providing our employees with the Plan4Flex application, we are a transparent and reliable employer who enables the free signing of documents without leaving home, timely receipt of remuneration, payslips, access to a work schedule and constant assistance of the office during free communication using an easy, fast and easy to use application.